5 Reasons to Love Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has exploded onto the silver screen in a big way. All of the sudden, she’s just showing up everywhere. Normally, I find celebrity overload annoying, but in this case, I can’t get enough. I’ve never seen a celebrity I can relate to more than Jennifer Lawrence, and I know I’m not alone. Here are the top 5 reasons to love her as much as I do:

Katniss[Image Credit]

1. She played one of the strongest young women characters of our generation. 

All too often the female lead in young adult books and movies is personified as a damsel in distress (cue Bella Swan). However, Katniss Everdeen is the hero of her own story, a true female role model. Recognizing this, Jennifer Lawrence picked up the role of Katniss and she nailed it. I was floored by how similar my imagination  as I was reading matched what I later watched on the silver screen. A million thumbs up for Katniss and Jennifer.


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2. She’s a leader of female body image.

Not only is she drop dead gorgeous (making me and most females completely jealous), but she’s healthy. Among a sea of rail-thin gangley limbs and protruding hip bones, stands Jennifer Lawrence–a regular woman. Her body image radiates positive messages to young women everywhere. She’s sexy without being too slender.

SilverLiningsPlaybook[Image Credit]

3. Silver Linings Playbook

This one may go without explanation. For those of you who haven’t heard, this film won tons of awards (including a win for Jennifer as best actress), and is one of the best stories I’ve ever seen on film. The best part is that it also stars  the hottie of all hotties: Bradley Cooper. But besides that, Jennifer’s role in this movie was one that you can’t soon forget after watching. Her character is dynamic, and suffers from a mental illness that drives her into the arms of a man (Cooper) with a similar illness. Mind blowing, incredible, sexy, and everything else right with the world.

LawrenceFalls[Image Credit]

4. She’s relatable.

Falling at the Oscars would seem like a big pitfall in the career of a budding new actress, but not for Lawrence. It made me (and I’m sure many others) love her more. She looked amazing while it happened, and followed it up with more grace than anyone else would have been able to deliver. I mean, we’ve all thought about how clumsy we would be trying to maneuver a big ball gown and heels with the whole world watching. After this, I just wanted to make her my best friend and hang out with her everyday.

lawrenceflipsbird[Image Credit]

5. She doesn’t care what people think of her.

After her big fall, some jerk photographer told her to “watch her step next time” so, what does she do? Exactly what every celebrity wants to do but doesn’t have the courage to. God I just love her.

Jennifer, wanna be best friends? I’d really love to hang out sometime.

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