Why you shouldn’t write him off because you have nothing in common.

My boyfriend, Matt, and I started dating two years ago during sophomore year of college. In the early stages of getting to know someone you’re interested in, you tend to learn a lot about the other person fairly quickly, finding your similarities and building conversation based on them. One thing we learned really fast: we had almost nothing in common.Image

He’s from Pittsburgh, PA, I’m from Rochester, NY. He likes basketball and baseball, I like hockey and soccer. He likes Wiz Kahlifa, I like John Mayer. He’s 6’4″, I’m 5’1″. He’s the oldest of three kids, I’m the youngest of three kids. He likes math, I like writing. He’s quiet, I’m loud. The list goes on and on but that’s what makes us, well, us.

The more we disagreed, the more we laughed at ourselves and laughed together. It became funny how little we had in common, and it was even funnier when we discovered we have similar senses of humor–something we found out through cat memes.

As time went on my vices became more and more clear to me and my good qualities began to shine through more than they had in the past. We were so different that learning about him made me learn about myself, without even realizing it.

More time passed and we got to know each other on a deeper level, and I started to realize that we DID agree on the important stuff. We both value our education and put it first on our list of priorities. We both believe in the power of prayer, a quality passed down to us both from our parents. We agree on the value of hard work, and understand that in order to get what you want, you have to work hard for it. And my favorite … we’re both in love with my nephew, Sammy. All of these things–the important things–are the foundations for a good relationship, the agreements that help two people build strong bonds to one another.

When I got over how different his interests were from mine and started to learn more about him as a person, he started to become someone I saw as my partner and best friend. What I thought was shaping up to be an “opposites attract” relationship, didn’t exactly fit that definition. He turned into someone who would stand by me, support me, push me, and remind me who I really am when I need it most.

Our relationship, as it turns out, is pretty amazing. Despite our many differences, we love each other. He drives me crazy sometimes. But we’re making it work, one Pens vs. Sabres game at a time.

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