How to organize your medicine cabinet

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I’m back again with more tips for you to organize your teeny tiny apartment. Today I want to talk about the medicine cabinet. It might seem like a pretty ridiculous place to have to “organize” but I’ve seen some that are pretty neglected.

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The medicine cabinet is the place where you should put everything you’re going to use daily. It’s one of the most accessible places in your bathroom, and I highly recommend that it becomes the place to store everyday items, not just medicine.

Actually, the only medicine I keep in my medicine cabinet is Matt’s daily vitamins and my daily vitamins. Also, the only real “organizer” I use, is this:


I got this organizer from Joanne’s in the sale section for I think around $3. I use this to corral all of the small stuff that tends to float around or get lost in a medicine cabinet. I keep items such as nail clippers, tweezers, a nail file, eye drops, floss, toothpaste and my contact lens case. I have lots of extra compartments to keep more small items on hand if I need them. This small organizer is kept on the middle shelf of the middle section of my medicine cabinet because it holds items I use twice daily.

This is what the middle section looks like as a whole:


Again, this is the one place where I keep the items that I use every. Single. Day. They are front and center and easy to put away and get back out. As you can see, I don’t use a lot of bins or organizers, but I do have everything inside the cabinet neatly put back, and I have a specific designated place for everything. I don’t label where things go, but if it would help you to put everything back in it’s place, then I highly recommend putting label tape directly onto the shelf so you know where everything goes.

The most important thing about organizing a space that you’re accessing everyday is to leave breathing room between each item.


If you’re constantly taking things out and putting them back, you want it to be easy. If it’s cramped and you have to move another item to put something back or you are jamming something into the space, or every time you open the door things are falling out, you will be less likely to put it back. This will cause all types of items to accumulate on your bathroom counter, which creates clutter. Clutter is bad. Do not make your bathroom cluttered. Make sure everything has room to breathe and your life and organizational habits will improve. I promise!


This is the right side of my medicine cabinet where I keep items that I use less frequently like a lint roller (Lint accumulates EVERYWHERE in my bathroom–it’s where our washer and dryer are. Does anyone else have this problem? Help me!), some wipes, prescription cream, and body spray.


The right side is mainly for Matt’s things that he accesses less frequently. Also, our vitamins (the only medicine we actually keep in our medicine cabinet) are on the bottom. His and hers (awwwwwwwwwww). Yep and they’re Walmart brand.


Luckily, all of the different sections of the cabinet are connected, so that frees up some space between the doors for some overlap. I wouldn’t recommend putting everyday items behind the door hinges, because again, you’re going to be less likely to put it back.


Side Note: If you’re wondering how I can afford Clinique, but I’m taking Walmart brand vitamins and constantly preaching budget-friendly organizing, the truth is, I can’t. All nice things I own I owe to my sister, Michelle, who is a manager at Macy’s. I’ve already told her that she’s never allowed to quit. Ever.

Anyways, I hope I have given you guys some ideas on how you can organize your medicine cabinet and keep it orderly. In really small spaces such as this, you really don’t need bins or organizers, all you need is some breathing room to get stuff in and out.

How do you organize your medicine cabinet? Do you use bins or organizers in yours? Please, please, please leave a comment below and let me know. I love looking at other people’s spaces to get some ideas for myself.

Next week I’m going to show you how I organize my dresser drawers! Talk to you next time.

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