Quick Tip: Free Boot Shaper

So you know those expensive boot shapers that make your boots stand up nicely in your closet? You’ve probably seen them in the store or on Pinterest. If you’re (cheap) like me, you probably haven’t seen the need to spend the money on something that won’t really make you more organized, but will only improve the aesthetic look of your closet.


These ones are $10 at Bed Bath and Beyond but I have seen them for up to $50 on sites like Zappos, which is too much for me to pull the trigger, no matter how much I want them. I’ve seen people on Pinterest and other organizing blogs use pool noodles as a cheaper alternative, which also works, but still, I never actually made it to the store to get some. Then, when I organized my closet last week, I had a revelation: I could get my boots to stand up nicely for free and without a trip to the store. Here’s my un-floppy beautiful boots:

2015-01-03 19.31.15

Oh how I love the way things look lined up all nicely. Here’s the secret: a rolled up magazine. That’s it.


For these boots I used an Oriental Trading Magazine rolled lengthwise so it wasn’t sticking out of the top. You could also rip a thicker magazine in half along the spine for an easier roll. For my tall boots, one recent issue of Cosmo rests in each.

Have you tried any alternatives to store-bought boot shapers? Let me know in the comments below or Tweet me @qqquimby016. Don’t forget to subscribe (in the sidebar) for organizing ideas delivered to your inbox.