Quick Tip: Organizing Spices and Herbs for Free

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Hopefully, it was long like mine! I had today off for Presidents’ Day. It was pretty successful, I had my best run since I got my butt back to the gym and I spent the rest of the day reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I couldn’t put it down! Stay tuned for a review.

Anyways, I wanted to share a quick tip to start the week–and a totally free tip at that! It’s been a challenge the past couple years to figure out how to organize my spices and herbs. Most store-bought organizers for cupboards or pantries, take up a lot of space that is valuable in a small apartment like mine. For example, the spicy shelf leaves a ton of unused space in the middle of the cupboard, and I’m not down with that. So, I toyed with the tiered shelving from the dollar tree, and adjusting the shelves in my cupboards to fit all my spices, but as our collection grew, it was getting harder and harder to find a place for them all where I didn’t have to dig around to find what I needed.

Until I realized I had a drawer that was for the most part, vacant. I was keeping two cutting boards stored horizontally in here. Ugh–I know, I was breaking like the first rule of organizing, which is store everything vertically when you can. But I moved the cutting boards to a different spot in the kitchen (phew–that was a close one) and played with all my spiced until I ended up with this:


I couldn’t believe how perfectly they all fit. It was like a little McCormick miracle.


Perfection. Order. I can see all the labels and they are right next to the stove where we do most of the cooking!


Ahhhh I just love looking at it.

Do you have an unused drawer in your kitchen that you can turn into a spice drawer? Maybe you have a drawer full of things that could be moved to a different area or could be purged of unused items to make some more room.

Even if all of your spices won’t fit perfectly in the drawer, you can always get some small containers from the dollar store or a home goods store that you can work out to fit into your drawer. Sometimes, organizing is like one big puzzle, you just have to try things out and move them around until they fit how you want them to.

Happy Organizing!Signature