Link Roundup 4/24/15

Not only was it my birthday week, but I found out my sister is ready to have her baby at any time now! I’m so excited for another niece I can hardly stand it. While I was crossing my fingers for her to be born on my birthday, Stacey’s due date isn’t until May 11th, so I’m hoping for a healthy birth for mom and baby.

This week I’ve also had the honor and privilege of being accepted into the Her Campus Blogger Network, which is why I have that cool new banner in the sidebar. I’ve already met a lot of great bloggers who I’m learning a lot from. I can only see Life in Order improving from my experience within the network.

Also, the cupcakes pictured below were made and decorated by my BFF, Dana. Props to her for her amazing baking skills, and props to me for choosing a best friend who brings me baked goods.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 4.44.40 PM

1. Ximena Ramirez’s Washington Heights, New York City Home Tour via The Everygirl – This small apartment packs a big punch when it comes to being uniquely and eclectically decorated.

2. Better Homes and Garden’s Top 25 Real Life Bedrooms – I would love to see more big names showcasing real life living spaces – even though most of these do still look perfect!

3. This week, Cupcakes and Cashmere showed us her organized bookshelf in her weekly Five Things post. Like everything else she does, she nailed it.

4. Guest Bloggers Bridget and Casey from the DIY Playbook show us how to organize keys with a little bit of flair on iHeartOrganizing.

5. I found a new blog that I love (and so should you). She’s a fellow Her Campus Blogger Network gal, and I sure do love her stuff. Especially this post about planner essentials. She’s Erica from Girl, Organized.

Hope you guys had a great week and have fun plans for the weekend ahead. It’s been a little cold up here for the past couple of days, so maybe that means I’ll be staying in and working on organizing new spaces of my apartment to share. Hmmmm …

Check back on Sunday for a post about working out in the morning and if you’d like updates whenever I make a new post, enter your e-mail address in the subscription bar to the right! Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Catch you next time!Signature

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