Organizing under the kitchen sink/cleaning product organization

First, I would like to formally thank everyone who is following my blog! I can’t believe people that I don’t even know have chosen to actually hear what I want to say and I am so grateful! If you’re not subscribed but want to be, please enter your e-mail address in the sidebar for organizing tips and tricks delivered to your inbox! Okay, let’s get to the good stuff. It has taken me awhile and a lot of rearranging to get all of our cleaning supplies organized neatly under the kitchen sink, but I’ve finally found a way that works for us, without using any fancy bins or organizing products. I shopped the house and kept a lot of these products in their original packaging for a simple, yet tidy system. I can’t wait to share! Slide1

Here’s an overview of what it looks like (please excuse the dark and grainy nature of these pictures, the light in our kitchen is non-existant): image1 As you can see, I have a big, bulky garbage disposal to contend with, which is something we didn’t have in our last apartment. I love having one–don’t get me wrong–it just limits the space I have to organize all of our cleaning products. Let’s take a closer look. image9 This picture is kind of gross looking, but I keep the ammonia, vinegar and bleach all the way in the very back. This space is very deep, so it had potential for a lot of storage, but not easily accessible storage. Since I don’t use these products regularly, they worked well in the way back. image8 I keep our duster on an over-the-cabinet hook so it stays clean and is easy to access. Behind that, I keep our dish drying rack when it’s not in use. It was key (and I mean KEY) to have a place to put this thing. I absolutely hate having it sitting out on the countertop. I need clear counters so I have space to cook and because it eliminates visual clutter–and I hate visual clutter! image4Front and center I keep our Swiffer pads with a Dollar Tree basket on top that houses extra sponges, brushes, etc. To the left, I keep garbage bags, making it easy to reach right down and grab one when it’s time to take the garbage out. image3   Behind the garbage bags I keep another Dollar Tree bin (love that place), with some old towels we use as rags and some dry Swiffer sweeper pads. Next to that, I keep a box of Brillo pads for our stainless steel pots and pans with the top open so we can easily grab them when they’re needed. image6   To the left of the bags I keep all of our cleaning products like Windex, Dawn and a DIY cleaner. I like to keep these at arms reach because if they were too hard to get to, I would never find the energy to dig them out and use them (sad, but true). The only cleaning products I don’t keep here are the multi-purpose cleaner (I have an extra-special spot for that–read on to find out) and our bathroom cleaning products, which I conveniently keep in the bathroom (and you should, too)! image2   This is my favorite part of this space. I used an over the cupboard basket that I found at HomeGoods to house our multi-purpose cleaner, dishwasher tabs and a sponge. I buy dishwasher tabs in bulk, and keep the big box in the back of the cupboard and refill this dollar store container when we’re running low. This system works so well for us because the everyday items are so easy to access on the back of this door. All we have to do is open up the door, reach down and grab what we’re looking for. It’s so simple to clean up with this system–I love it! If you liked this post and found it helpful, please let me know in the comments below, subscribe to my blog or follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Thanks for stopping by, catch you next time!Signature