How I Organize my Purse


Hi everyone! I hope your weeks are going great and you’re staying organized and productive.

First of all, I wanted to share how overly excited I am about my new bag! I purchased it at Target for around $30. Yes, I’m a girl on mission to save money, yet look great, which is why Target is one of my favorite stores. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now and I wanted to make sure the system I have works before I shared it with you guys. Good news: I love it!

This bag fits my organizer-girl needs for a couple of reasons. First, it has handbag handles and an over the shoulder strap. This is becoming an essential for bags because it gives you versatility to either grab and go, or carry it hands-free. Second, it has exterior pockets. If you’re the kind of person who has trouble keeping your purse organized or you find you’re always digging for your keys or phone, you need to get a bag that has exterior pockets (or start using the ones you have). Exterior pockets are essential for an organized purse.

Why, you ask? Well, let me explain. When you toss your phone, keys and other in-and-out essentials into the main body of your purse, they’re likely to settle right to the bottom, leaving you digging around your purse on the hood of the car until you find them. How many times can you remember tossing a lip gloss into your bag never to be seen again until the next purse clean-out day? Keep things you’re going to use regularly in exterior pockets.

I keep my phone right in the front pocket with the clasp, and I put my keys in one of the zipper pockets on the side of the purse. Only put one essential item into each exterior pocket. This is key to easily finding what you’re looking for and putting it back in a breeze–I know it is for me! Let’s take a look inside, shall we?


Here’s what my bag looks like when I look in from the top. I can clearly see everything at a glance. Nothing is stacked on top of one another and I can reach in and grab what I’m looking for easily. In the interior pockets of my bag, I keep my sunglasses, a couple of lip glosses and a travel phone charger in the zipper pocket. Here’s everything:


I try to keep it simple with the contents of my purse. I don’t like to carry a lot of things because I’m mostly traveling back and forth to work and I have a lot of what I need either at home, or at my desk. Even in my bag, I like to break things down into sub-sections like this:

1. My wallet: The inside of my wallet looks just like most peoples, credit cards, gift cards, receipts and occasionally, some cash.

2. Planner: I don’t keep a traveling planner kit with me like a lot of other bloggers in the planner community, because, like I said I like to keep it simple. I have pens, pencils, everything I need both at work and home so no need to lug it around with me. but I do like having my planner with me, so I know when I should be posting to my social media accounts, and it typically houses my to-do lists for work and blogging.


4. Purse “trash can”: One of the keys to keeping your purse tidy (and clean) is to get yourself a purse trash can. This is something I picked up from Katherine at Do it on a Dime. Mine is just an empty Crystal Light container that I put old receipts, gum wrappers and odds and ends in so they don’t fall to the bottom of my purse. This has saved me so many times!


5. Cosmetic/beauty/woman bag: This houses all of the things I might need in a pinch. A great tip for keeping your purse organized is to think of your bag like a mini extension of your home. Keep similar things together by using cosmetic bags (even if you’re not collecting cosmetics in it). This allows you to compartmentalize the stuff you have with you.

For example, I know that whenever I need hand sanitizer or my face is feeling a little dry, that I just reach down and grab my cosmetic bag. I know what I need will be in there. I don’t have to dig to the bottom for things I only use occasionally.


This is everything I keep in my little cosmetic bag: eye drops, hand sanitizer, sample perfume, sample moisturizer, a small compact and bobby pins in my beat-up, old container. Also, I nest a smaller (and matching, of course) cosmetic bag inside this one for tampons. I like to keep them in a little bag because I can discretely take it to the bathroom with me when I’m at work.

If there’s anything you need to remember when organizing your purse, it’s these tips:

1. Exterior pockets are essential

2. Keep only one everyday item (phone, keys, etc.) per exterior pocket

3. Keep it simple

4. Organize your bag how you would organize things in your home

5. Compartmentalize when you can

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