Tips for packing an organized weekend suitcase

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I live about four hours away from my family, which means I’m frequently taking weekend trips back to my hometown to visit them. Between all of the back and forth, packing and unpacking, I’ve gotten pretty good at keeping an organized weekend suitcase. Here’s my top ten tips for keeping a tidy weekender bag or suitcase.


1. Use your suitcase as storage for your travel items

I use this little pink suitcase at least once every other month taking trips to Rochester. I keep all of my travel items like extra cosmetic bags, toothbrush holders and travel perfume stashed away inside, so they’re there when I need them, but put away when I don’t.


2. While packing, be mindful of the things you’ll need first and put those on top

It helps to keep your clothes on one side and toiletries on the other, so you can easily pull things out when you need them. If the next time you’ll be opening your suitcase is before bed, put your pajamas on top and toiletries next to them so you can grab what you need without digging around.


3. Still keeping usage in mind, try stacking from heaviest to lightest to keep smaller things from getting lost

Try putting jeans and sweaters on the bottom, with cotton shirts, bathing suits, t-shirts and tanks on top. If you mix all of these items together, lighter items have the potential to get lost in the depths of your suitcase. If you have to dig to the bottom to look for something, you’ll mess up your beautiful organization job!



4. Invest in an easy to use jewelry organizer

One of the most frustrating things about travel is tangled necklaces, loose bangles and lost earrings. If you pick up a handy jewelry organizer like this baubles and bracelets case from thirty-one, you can easily keep jewelry woes at bay and protect your charms from being damaged.


5. Wear your bulkiest shoes and pack extras in plastic bags

On this particular trip, I was planning a casual weekend with the family, playing with my nephew, and watching my niece, so I wore my sneakers and packed away my sandals to save some valuable space.


Once I stacked them facing one another, I wrapped them in a plastic bag and stuffed them in the side of my suitcase next to my clothes so they barely took up any space at all!


6. Treat your suitcase like a puzzle–move things around and piece them together so you can see everything you have without digging

When organizing anything, it helps to think of the space like a puzzle so that every square inch is being utilized to it’s full potential. As you can see, I’ve used every corner of visible space and kept things I need ASAP (like underwear, socks and my glasses) on top for easy access.



7. Use old cosmetic or toiletry bags to keep like items together

I keep all of my shower stuff in a toiletry bag and all of my before bed and morning stuff in a cosmetic bag. When I go to take a shower, I grab the shower bag. When It’s time to get ready for bed, I grab the other bag. It keeps everything together so I don’t have to search for lose items in the bottom of my suitcase. Both of these little bags I got for free because they came with gift sets or free cosmetic samples–keep those things, they can be useful!


8. Always travel with extra plastic bags for dirty clothes

There is nothing I hate more than having to put a dirty pair of underwear in my suitcase next to a pair of jeans. Keep it clean and put your laundry in a plastic bag to be washed later on.

I hope you found these tips helpful for the next time you take a weekend trip. Is there anything I missed? Please let me know in the comments, I’m always looking for ways to up my weekender game!

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  1. Maya Northen says:

    As a travel planner who often has clients ask “how do I pack for my trip?”, these are great tips! I especially recommend the trash bag for dirty clothes. Something people never think about until they are on their trip and realize… what do I do with my dirty clothes? haha.

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