Ditching the Futon: 5 things to splurge on for your first post-grad apartment

The majority of us are flat out broke the first time we move out of mom and dad’s house. You might be moving for a new job opportunity, to go to grad school or just for your own independence. Whatever the reason, you probably know the feeling of having your car jam-packed with second hand furniture and  hand-me-down household items. It’s great to have family willing to help you out on your new journey into adulthood, but there’s probably some things you’re going to want to buy for yourself once you’re settled and making big-kid money.

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Here’s five splurges for your first apartment:

1. Mattress

Your mattress. It’s the place you sleep at night, wake up and tackle the work day or sleep in watching hours of Netflix. It’s your happy place—and it’s worth the extra cash.  You probably don’t need a sleep number as your first big-girl bed, but purchasing a middle of the road to high quality mattress is worth the investment. It might even save you money in the long run because you won’t be so quick to replace it since you’ll love going to bed in it each night.

2. Couch

Similar to your mattress, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time on your couch. If you have friends over or family who stay the weekend, having a great couch is worth the investment. Stay away from buying cheap couches at Big Lots or Ikea and save up for something that you love and will last. As much as I’m all for a bargain, furniture that will get a lot of wear and tear should always be high quality. So please, get rid of that old futon.

3. A pot and pan set

This might not be a priority if you’re living in a tiny city apartment with a two-burner stove and mini fridge as your kitchen. But, if you have the luxury of a little more space, spending an extra $50 to get the stainless steel pots is totally worth it. A good set can last you years. My mom, for example, has had the same set for 35 years because she decided to go high-qual. Additionally, I have been amazed at the amount of money I am able to save by cooking my own meals. My Farberware stainless steel pots and pans have basically paid for themselves five times over.

4. Linens

Don’t let the excitement of a $5 towel from Target fool you, those things will get scratchy and fall apart pretty quickly. The same goes for cheap bed linens. The last thing you want is to get into bed under itchy sheets. Spend a few extra bucks to get the nice towels, and thank me later.

5. Food storage containers

When it comes to food storage containers, go for glass. They’re a lazy girls best friend. You can microwave them, put them in the dishwasher and put hot food in them without the worry of them melting or getting all gross inside like the plastic ones. They’ll also last a lot longer so you won’t have to re-buy them year after year. I personally recommend Pyrex brand.

Big girl buys on a post-grad budget

The trick to getting the best stuff for your apartment is to hold off and save until you can get what you really want. Matt and I saved for a year before we bought our couch. We considered other couches that were lower quality for a lower price, but I’m so glad we waited and got what we really wanted. If you are patient and save your pennies for something high-quality that you love, you’ll never regret it. Hit the like button if you found this post helpful and don’t forget to subscribe to Life in Order by submitting your e-mail address in the right sidebar. You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

2 thoughts on “Ditching the Futon: 5 things to splurge on for your first post-grad apartment

  1. easmith007 says:

    I definitely agree with all of these post-grad purchases. There are just some things that once you graduate you need to get quality brands or you will be replacing them over and over again and in my opinion just throwing away money. The pots and pan thing is definitely one of my must haves! Cooking at home saves sooooo much money and cooking with a decent pot and pan makes all the difference in the world!!

  2. Pam (@hodgepodgepam) says:

    I fully agree about splurging on your bed and couch. They are definitely things that shouldn’t be skimped on. It’s also important to remember that one’s apartment doesn’t have to be perfect upon moving out. It’s much more fun and something to be proud of when you wait it out and earn the nice things you buy. 🙂

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