My Journey

I began my journey to a more organized life in the fall of 2013 when I moved to the Capital Region to start my life with my then boyfriend (now husband), Matt. At the time, we didn’t have much to fill up our tiny apartment, but as we started to grow our lives together, the stuff began to pile up. So much so, that we only lasted one year in that small apartment, until we moved into something with 300 more square feet, and the stuff began piling even more from there.

I’ve been blogging about my organizational journey since we lived in that apartment, but since then Matt and I have gotten married (which, if you’ve ever done that you know how much stuff you accumulate in gifts) and moved into a house of our very own. I’m currently working on finding new systems that work in this house where I have more space, and more creative freedom to set permanent systems and build to my heart’s content. I’m also working on growing me business locally, and bringing on new clients who are in need of professional organizing help.

 Getting More Personal

I’ve always been prone to anxiety and stress. It may be part of my Italian heritage, because my Mom, sisters, and Grandmother all suffer form the same ailment, but whatever the reason, I’ve been finding ways to deal with it my entire life. Since moving away from my family and support system, I’ve had to find ways to reduce the amount of anxiety I feel in my own way. I have found a few things that help: yoga, a healthy diet, and having my s#!& together.

Organizing doesn’t come natural to me. I am, in short, a bit scatter brained. My sister even made a joke in her maid of honor speech at my wedding that I needed my husband because he can follow me around and pick up everything I leave behind. While I got my anxiety from my mother, I got my head in the clouds, forgetfulness from my father, and I’ve had to learn to deal with it.

Both my anxious-prone and scatter-brained tendencies have forced me to be a hyper-organized person–for my professional life, and my own sanity.

I take a very realistic and cost-effective approach to organizing, and I like to tailor the spaces I organize to the person or family who lives in it. Like make-up? I can work with that. Want to go minimalist? Let’s do it. Have collections of items you want to keep? I can help with that! I believe that being organized is not the destination, living a more productive, anxiety-free and efficient life is the goal – getting organized is the vehicle that gets you there.

It worked for me! Let me know how I can help you Let’s work together.

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