Organize Your Bathroom So it STAYS Tidy

Get real, actionable tips on how to organize your bathroom so that it actually STAYS clean and organized. The best part is you can do it all on a shoestring budget if you just change the way you think about how you organize.

There are two rules to live by when your organize your bathroom:

  1. Organize by how frequently you use items, and
  2. live by the “one touch rule.”

Watch now to see what I mean!

5 Things to Toss Right Now

Happy New Year!

Like many of you, I’m using this chilly January to go through my house and get rid of some things that no longer serve me. I do this pretty often, in fact, I keep a dedicated box in my house for when I come across something I no longer need. I put it in the box, and  when it gets full, I take it to Goodwill. However, the new year is often the opportune time to do a whole-house purge (new year, new you, right?).

Getting rid of things that you no longer need, or want, or in the wise words of the great Marie Kondo, “spark joy” can help us not only make room for the things we do want (hello Christmas gifts) but also let us fully appreciate the things we do have.

In the spirit of the season, here’s 5 things to toss today.

1. Clothes


The best way to start purging clothes is with your off-season wardrobe. Since it’s winter right now, go through your shorts, tank tops and t-shirts. Did you wear them at all this past summer? If the answer is no, it’s time to pass it along to someone who would wear them for next year.

Another rule of thumb for getting rid of clothes is to get rid of anything that doesn’t fit you right now. I’ve been a rule-breaker on this one in the past, but keeping a pair of jeans you haven’t worn in 2 years because you might lose the weight someday is not productive. Kiss them goodbye and move on.

2. Unused Beauty Products

image5Beauty boxes and bags have been all the rage the past couple years, and although they provide a great way to try new products without fully committing, they can lead to a lot of bathroom clutter. Maybe it’s sample sizes that you plan on getting through someday, or a mascara you only used once, and didn’t really like, but retails for $50 a tube–whatever your bathroom clutter, it’s time to leave it in 2018.

My general rule of thumb for bathroom products is if it’s not something you use at least once a month, it’s not worth keeping. Bathrooms can be a hot bed of clutter if you let the products pile up. Stay tuned for an upcoming post about bathroom organization, and how you can best organize for the most efficient mornings!

3. Knick Knacks

Canva - Antique, Shop, Vintage, Old, Retro, Classic, Decoration.jpg

Knick knacks, tchotchkes, whatever you call them, these are the small miscellaneous items you have around your house that tend to accumulate on shelves and in the seemingly bottomless “junk drawer.” The biggest culprit of knick knacks in my house are home decor items or small, cheap things I purchased in the Target dollar spot because they were cute … and I couldn’t just walk by them … and leave them at the store … they were only a DOLLAR. Well, I’ve been making an effort to avoid the dollar spot unless I have something specific in mind that I need and I limit my home decor items to one cupboard. If I can kick the addiction, you can too!

This is also an especially hard habit to kick if you’re a collector, or inherited antiques or other collectables. If you love them, make sure that you find a nice way to display them where they aren’t taking up valuable real estate in your home and you can truly enjoy them. If you can’t find them a home or don’t enjoy them – send them to someone who will.

4. Kitchen Utensils and Small Appliances


This particular group of household clutter takes me back to the great Simoni spatula debate of 2017. When my husband and I got married, we got a brand new set of OXO (the best brand FYI) rubber spatulas and other kitchen utensils. Until that point, we had been using dollar store utensils from college that I thought we no longer needed. You would have thought I asked my husband to give away his left kidney … he lost it over a spatula.

The reason it was so hard for him to get rid of our old kitchen utensils is because he felt that they were still useful, and why get rid of something you can still use, right? Just because it’s still useful, doesn’t mean it should hang out in your house.

I can assure you that we have never been in a scenario where we needed 4 rubber spatulas, and if that moment ever comes, I’ll wash one.

5. Cords & Old Electronics

michael-walter-1158522-unsplash.jpgDon’t even try to lie to yourself, you know you have your old iPhone with the charger, headphones and car accessories hanging out in a drawer somewhere collecting dust. I know the feeling: I paid hundreds of dollars for this, I can’t just get rid of it! But I promise you, you can and you should.

There are places you can take old electronics where they will give you some money for them to refurbish and resell. Here in the Capital District, I’ve had good experience with Computer Answers in Clifton Park. You take your old devices there and they’ll actually pay you for them – bonus if you have accessories.

Now, stop reading this blog post and pick something – anything – right now to give away or toss. The less stuff you have, the more you can appreciate, relax and enjoy what’s in your life right now.

Happy Organizing,


How to organize your linen closet

I know I sound like a total organizing nerd when I say this, but my linen closet is one of my favorite parts of our whole apartment. It’s so organized, and it always stays that way with little to no effort. This amazing system was the result of a major strategic effort on my part. This is the first apartment I’ve lived in with a linen closet of this capacity, so I’ve had a lot of time to consider my approach. Does anyone else dream about these things?Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 8.19.46 PM
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Fun with contact paper


Is it just me, or is the Target Dollar Spot one of the best places on earth? Whenever I walk into Target “real quick” (I put quotes around this because we all know there is no such thing as a “real quick” trip to Target) I have to physically force myself to avoid looking in the direction of the Dollar Spot because when I do, I get sucked in. Most of the time I end up buying a ton of things I don’t need, like colored socks or mechanical pencils that last for a day. However, there is the rare occasion when I come across something really awesome at an even better price.

This contact paper was one of those things. I had been looking for a cute drawer liner for awhile, but I didn’t want to pay a ton of money for it. It’s not something I need, just something that would make my spaces more beautiful. I have seen other bloggers and YouTubers feature the Dollar Tree contact paper, but I never really liked any of the patterns, so when I saw this I scooped it up in a heartbeat. It was only three dollars and came in an adorable blue chevron print.

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My World: Excuses for my absence in July 2015

I know I’ve been a little more than absent for the whole month of July. The only post I’ve been able to get up so far this month is my apartment tour, which I hope was enough to tide you guys over until this week.

For those of you who don’t know, I live in Upstate New York near Saratoga Springs, just north of Albany and south of the Adirondacks, which means that summers here are incredible. The whole area really comes alive from June – October after spending most of the year in hibernation from the bitter, North Country winters. The real fun happens from July to early September when horse racing is in season, which means my town is now packed with tourists looking to party and try their hand at betting on their favorite horse.

As you can tell, there have been a lot of distractions. Being in one of the most beautiful places in the country with the sun shining, work and the traveling have been taking their toll on my time to blog–and my stats have suffered, so it hasn’t been without consequence.

In early July, Matt and I took a vacation with his family to West Palm Beach, Florida. It was a nice little get away.

Here I am enjoying happy hour at the Blue Martini in City Place. This was a REAL “treat yo’ self” moment.

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Apartment Tour

I realize I’ve been a little MIA lately – but I’ve had a few good reasons for that, which I’ll explain later this week. For now, I think I owe you guys something pretty huge. So, I decided it was about time I posted an apartment tour.


I’m so excited about showing you guys this place because Matt and I both love it so much. However, we might be moving in a few months. Our hope is to stay in the same apartment complex, just move to the top floor. In the winter, we struggle with loud, banging pipes in our bedroom wall, which wake us up at all hours of the night. However, I love the way this place looks so much I just had to share, so here it is!

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 1.38.51 PM

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Summer Decor on the Cheap

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 7.46.11 AM

Feeling like your space needs a little refresh for summer, but are played out on seashells and nautical blues? Try adding pops of bright, yet earthy detail for a warm summer escape, under $60.

1. Teakwood Candle: If you’re missing the warmth of real wood furniture in your space, add small accents with these natural and beautiful candles.

2. Peony Wreath: Channel your inner Blair Waldorf and embrace the peony. This wreath can take you from summer to fall with bright accents of green and orange.

3. Monkey Tray: A sunshiny place to drop your keys or stash your jewelry, with a little surprise on the inside.

4. Wicker Candle Holder: Bring natural elements in and let a little summer glow sparkle through this wicker candle holder.

5. Throw Pillow: Fuchsia is the hot color of the summer and it goes with cool blues, grays or with warm oranges.