Who I work With

Retirees & downsizers

If you or a loved one is retiring or downsizing, now is the perfect time to purge and get organized. A lot of the things that there was once use and room for in the home may no longer serve a purpose. I help those who need assistance going through all the boxes, making tough decisions on sentimental items, and knowing what to keep.

Loss of a parent or loved one

The amount of stuff a family can be left with after the passing of a loved one can be incredibly overwhelming, especially if you’re also working a full time job and caring for little ones. Sometimes having an extra set of hands, or someone to tackle the job in it’s entirety can make all the difference in reducing the stress while grieving.


Whether you’re moving into a new house, or out of an old one, I can pack and unpack boxes with the maximum efficiency, and help you set up systems in your new house that work for you and your life. Let me help you take all the thinking out of moving.

Expecting Parents

Nine months can seem much all to short to prepare the old office, guest bedroom, or “the room where you hide all your junk” into a nursery. I’ll help you find a place for all the extra stuff you’ve been storing in preparation for baby to arrive.

The Overwhelmed

Sometimes the clutter can pile up, and thought of dealing with it just too overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to start when you feel like your living space has gotten out of control. I’m here to help you get control of your home back, whether you’re looking for someone to do it with you, or tackle the job for you.

What I Don’t Do

Hoarding: Hoarding is a more serious problem than an organizer can fix. I do not have a background in psychology or mental health, so it would be a disservice to any client who needed that kind of help. There are a lot of great resources out there for people who need the psychological help and attention required for hoarding.

Cleaning Service: I can declutter, purge, streamline and organize, but I am not a maid or cleaning service. There are many great cleaning companies in the Capital Region that can help you get a cleaner home!