For the Love of Decor 5/15/15: Five of my favorite accessories and where you can find them

Hey organized ladies and gents. I’m starting a new monthly segment, where I highlight some pieces of decor or fun items that I’m currently loving. Like this post if you like it and want to see more, and comment to let me know what you want to see next!Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.25.08 AM

Vase: Pair with some red silk flowers and you’ve got yourself a subtly patriotic look, just in time for memorial day.

@ shelf accessory: Add a little web to your offline world, for the social lady in all of us.

Bowls: Who doesn’t love a simple and feminine gold accent? Almost too pretty to eat out of. Use these as an accessory tray or a place to stash your keys.

Hanging wall organizer: 1, 2, 3, 4, I don’t know what I love more … it’s galvanized metal or it’s perfect organizing system for mail.

Pens: Perfect for summer, these pens will have you singing “Part of that world,” while jotting down notes in your next meeting.

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My Pretty Little Springtime Dresser

Happy Hump Day! Hope you’re all having a good week and are enjoying the weather! It was 36 degrees in Albany yesterday–practically balmy! Matt and I even walked to the gym on Tuesday, it was so nice to get outside. Since spring is just around the corner, I wanted to share my bright, springtime dresser with you guys and give you some ideas on ways to update your spaces for spring. Here it is!


It took me some thinking to decide on this set up with the mirrors above the shelf. I’m always wary of hanging things on the wall because trying to fix a hole in the wall is a pain. But I’m so happy with my decision to put the shelf where it is and keep all the extra stuff off of the actual dresser top. I love that it’s simplistic and is void of visual and actual clutter. As a general rule, keeping it simple is always better, and I knew that’s how I wanted this dresser to be.

On another note, I used to make fun of my mom for having fake flowers in her house, but now that I have a place of my own, I love them! These floral stems are actually real flowers that have been dried, I picked them up at the Saratoga Farmer’s Market last summer. I love the look their reflection off the mirror gives. It makes them look fuller and brighter. Oh–and they’re maintenance free. You don’t have to water them or care for them, it’s great!


You’ll recognize my little milk glass pedestal bowl if you saw my jewelry organizing post. I love that little subtle vintage touch it gives and is the perfect place for my everyday earrings!

I refinished this dresser myself. It used to be a terrible linoleum wood, my sister painted it all black and then passed it down to me. I painted it white (my favorite color), and you can see some of the paint started chipping. It used to bother me, but as time goes on, I’m starting to like the weathered look it gives with the black paint showing through. It was a happy mistake!


If you aren’t displaying your perfume bottles in some way in some area of your bedroom, you’re really missing out. They are a perfect and free home decor accessory that adds femininity to any piece of furniture! I am in love with the Viva La Juicy bottle and the bight pink bow that ads a pop of color to a mostly neutral color scheme.

image44I love the warm and fuzzies I get when I wake up and head towards this dresser to start getting ready for the day. It’s even better when the top is clear and there are no clothes or stray jewelry–I’m still working on making that happen everyday. How do you style up your dresser for spring? Let me know in the comments!

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