How To Organize Jewelry

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If you’ve ever tried to organize jewelry before, you know how hard it can be, especially with all the different shapes and sizes. Bulky bracelets, bangles, baubles and rings–nothing about it is uniform. Also, having a system that works with your habits can be tricky. Some things you wear regularly, others are only for special occasions, and some are things worn a few times a month to work or with the perfect outfit. Here’s how I organize my jewelry to fit my life, habits and style.


My frequently worn jewelry and rings live here–in a jewelry box my grandma gave me when I graduated from high school. It fits my Alex and Ani bracelets perfectly, and has room for my rings (I don’t have many). It site on top of my dresser and works perfectly because I can close the lid to avoid visual clutter.


This is my “I wear it so much that it’s stupid to put it away nicely” spot. This cute and simple antique milk-glass bowl holds my watch, and some of my most-worn stud earrings. I wear these things so much that I needed somewhere to dump them when I’m in a rush to the gym after work and somewhere where I could remember to put them back on in the morning. I got this little dish from an antique store for only a few dollars and I’m pretty much obsessed with it. I makes me feel really unique and original and it’s reminding me that I want to shop at more antique stores in the future. #resolutions

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I keep all of my fashion jewelry and delicate, easily-tangleable (that’s a word–right?) necklaces hung on the wall in my closet. I got the rod and S hooks at Ikea for under $15 and the rack above it from Michaels. Michaels is AMAZING for jewelry organizers. They have boutique-like jewelry display items, like the ones found here. I got this rack for $7 using a 50% off coupon. Never, ever shop there without a coupon. Ever.

The pieces of jewelry above are things that I like to pair with certain outfits. Having them hanging in my closet helps me pick out my outfit and any special jewelry in one swoop, making my morning routine easier.

There you have it. I don’t have a streamlined system to my jewelry to keep it all in one place and looking Pinterest-perfect, but I have a system that works for me and my habits. That’s really what getting organized is about–tailoring your organizing systems to maximize efficiency for your life. A little time organizing jewelry now, can save you a lot of time when getting ready in the morning. And you can see all of your jewelry so you no excuse not to accessorize.

This weekend, come grocery shopping with me and see how I put my meal planning sheets to good use.Signature

5 Pinterest Inspired Ways to Organize Jewelry

In my never ending mission to ban clutter and streamline my life, I have found jewelry to be one of the hardest things to organize. There are so many different sizes, lengths and types of jewelry that keeping it all orderly is a serious challenge. Recently, I’ve switched-up the way I organize my jewelry, which I plan on showing you very soon. In the mean time, take a look at these five Pinterest inspired ways to organize jewelry.


1. A mirror with hidden jewelry storage. This maximizes space and let’s you accessorize your whole outfit because that’s what you’ll be looking at right before you open this baby up. From Love Chic Living.


2. This looks like DIY heaven. I love this idea! So simple and so beautiful. From the Row House Nest.


3. This shabby-chic shadow box turned jewelry organizer is awesome for chunkier fashion jewelry and delicate chains and charms alike. From The Stir.


4. Why have a jewelry box when you can have a jewelry drawer? I love the compartments for each set of earrings. There is a place for everything and everything in it’s place. From Fresh American Style.


5. When I saw this, I couldn’t get over how inventive it is. A silverware tray turned jewelry display case–genius! From BuzzFeed.

When you’re having trouble organizing something–especially something that comes in a variety of sizes like jewelry–you’ll need to get creative. Shop your house, look at what you already have, and expand from there. I can’t wait Signatureto show you how I organize all my jewelry. Stay tuned!