Why You Should Still Write Things Down: Tips for Productivity

How many times can you recall thinking of something extremely important for work or school at the most random time? You swear you’ll remember it, but when it’s time to process that important thing, you can’t remember what it was.

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Desktop Organization and Portable Planner Essentials Tray

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I’m one of the few lucky millennials out there who has an extra room in my apartment. Affectionately referred to as a “den,” the extra room has become part office, part beer brewing laboratory, part craft/blog/planner room. One of the things I really wanted when we upgraded to an apartment with extra space was a desk that I could craft and write at, and boy did Matt deliver. He built this six foot desk from scratch to go right under the window. It’s so beautiful! Have a look …
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How I Organize my Purse


Hi everyone! I hope your weeks are going great and you’re staying organized and productive.

First of all, I wanted to share how overly excited I am about my new bag! I purchased it at Target for around $30. Yes, I’m a girl on mission to save money, yet look great, which is why Target is one of my favorite stores. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now and I wanted to make sure the system I have works before I shared it with you guys. Good news: I love it!

This bag fits my organizer-girl needs for a couple of reasons. First, it has handbag handles and an over the shoulder strap. This is becoming an essential for bags because it gives you versatility to either grab and go, or carry it hands-free. Second, it has exterior pockets. If you’re the kind of person who has trouble keeping your purse organized or you find you’re always digging for your keys or phone, you need to get a bag that has exterior pockets (or start using the ones you have). Exterior pockets are essential for an organized purse.

Why, you ask? Well, let me explain. When you toss your phone, keys and other in-and-out essentials into the main body of your purse, they’re likely to settle right to the bottom, leaving you digging around your purse on the hood of the car until you find them. How many times can you remember tossing a lip gloss into your bag never to be seen again until the next purse clean-out day? Keep things you’re going to use regularly in exterior pockets.

I keep my phone right in the front pocket with the clasp, and I put my keys in one of the zipper pockets on the side of the purse. Only put one essential item into each exterior pocket. This is key to easily finding what you’re looking for and putting it back in a breeze–I know it is for me! Let’s take a look inside, shall we?

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Mother’s Day Gifts for the Organized Mama

If you didn’t know already, Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday May 10th — that’s next weekend! It came up so fast this year and I can hardly believe that tomorrow is already May. Yikes!

Anyways, most Moms have a lot going on. Whether they have young kids, older children or grandchildren, help keeping their lives organized is always appreciated. Without giving the impression of “Hey, you’re a slob” or “Hey, you’re a neat freak,” any of the following gifts are perfect for any type of mother in your life. Check it out.

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