The Struggle Sunday: Working out in the morning

One of the things I’ve been trying to work on recently is working out in the morning. I live less than a mile from my gym. It’s about a 1 – 2 minute drive depending on how I catch the stop light leading out of my apartment complex. So, you would think that working out in the morning would be easy for me to adapt to. Not so much.

I seriously struggle with convincing myself I should get out of bed and get to the gym.


I get angry when my alarm goes off.


I hit snooze like a million times until my alarm is like an annoying friend who won’t shut up.


I sit up in my bed for like 15 minutes just trying to get it together enough to face the world.


It’s been a struggle to say the least. However, I have found success in a few small things that help me get up, get out and work out. Here’s what’s been working for me:

  1. I lay my clothes out on my bedroom end table the night before—underwear and all.

I put my clothes within arm’s reach so that when my alarm goes off I can slowly put on my clothes while staying under the covers. I don’t even have to get out of bed to make the first step towards getting to the gym. Be sure to include a hoodie or some sweat pants so you’re not tempted to get back under the warm covers.

2. Have a water bottle ready in the fridge.

The fewer things you have to before walking out the door, the less time you’ll have to think about (and dread) going to the gym—but that’s not the only benefit of having water ready to go. Drinking cold water helps wake you up and hydrate you while you drive to the gym.

3. Try catching an AM fitness or spin class to help motivate you to get there on time and have a better workout.

I have such a hard time getting moving in a timely manner when I know I have no time restraint or commitment. If I’m singed up for a spin class I have a reason to get to the gym at a specific time I’m more likely to get there by 5:30 for a complete workout. Not only that, but I have someone to motivate me through my workout.

4. Focus on getting through one step at a time.

Rather than focusing on getting to the gym, I focus on getting dressed, getting out of bed and then getting out the door. With each completed baby step, I’m that much closer to a workout and run less of a risk of getting back into bed. Once I’m out the door, there’s no turning back.

I’m up to consistently working out in the morning at least 1-2 times per week, which might not seem like a lot to some people, but I’m working on taking small steps to becoming a morning exerciser. It’s so great to get my workout out of the way, so I can have the evenings to focus on tidying up the apartment, blogging or my favorite activity—organizing!

Do you have any tips for working out in the morning that I may have missed? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @lifeinorderblog.

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The Struggle Sunday: Doing Laundry with Animated GIFs

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 11.31.21 AM

Doing laundry is the worst. Laundry for a week can take a whole afternoon to do and that’s so annoying. Sundays are for brunch and Netflix. It’s hard enough to go grocery shopping, how does the world expect me to wash and fold all of my clothes on top of that? Being an adult it like some sort of sick joke. Sometimes, I’d rather just not do it.


Not only is doing laundry terrible, but for those of us unlucky fools who have to go to the laundromat, it’s even worse. You have to haul everything from your apartment, into the car, out of the car into the laundromat, and back again, whether it’s raining or snowing or sleeting. You barely get started before you feel like giving up.


Not to mention having to wait at the laundromat for your clothes to wash is so boring but you don’t want to leave just incase someone wants to steal your $15 Target yoga pants and stretched out sports bras.


And you have to do all kinds of sorting and folding, and if you don’t do it the way your mom taught you, it turns out to be a hot mess.


Yep. Laundry really does suck, but with a little organization, we can get through it one load at a time.

The first thing you can do to make going to the laundromat a little bit easier is put together a “laundry bin” that consists of everything you need to bring with you to do laundry.


Mine has detergent, dryer sheets, a mason jar of quarters and scent boosters. I put it all in a dollar tree bin and keep it in my closet right by the door so on laundry day I can grab it and go before my brain realizes what I’m actually about to do.

Another thing you can use to help make laundry day feel less like going into oral surgery is to invest in a triple bag laundry sorter, like this one:

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 8.36.46 PM

If you’re sorting all your clothes out as you throw them in the hamper, it takes care of you having to sort them at the laundromat, because let’s face it, if you have to spend 10 more minutes there, you’re going to scream.

The individual bags allow you to just grab them from the frame and put them into your car. Also, you can usually fit two of the bags into a regular plastic laundry bin, making the hauling process that much easier. And yes, you do need to bring a standard laundry bin because it makes transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer a million times easier and faster than doing it by hand.


Another thing you can do to make it better is go with a friend or make your boyfriend go with you, treat yourself to Starbucks on the way there, or bring a book to read or some headphones to keep you busy while you wait.

Laundry day is probably going to be terrible no matter what you do, but I hope these tips have helped you make it a little less of a pain. If you’re prepared, it doesn’t have to be so bad … maybe.


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